Alpine newt

Scientific Name: Ichthyosaura alpestris

Quick Facts:

  • Newts have a long and slender body, with a long, vertically flattened tail.

Smooth newt

Scientific Name:Lissotriton vulgaris

Northern crested newt

Scientific Name: Triturus cristatus


Italian cave salamander

Scientific Name:Speleomantes italicus

Quick Facts:

  • Salamanders have a lizard-like appearance, and a prehensile tongue which they use to obtain prey. 
  • Salamander and newts, unique among vertebrates, have the capacity of regenerating whole lost limbs, as well as other damaged parts of their bodies.

Spectacled salamander

Scientific Name:
Salamandrina terdigitata 

Fire salamander

Scientific Name: Salamandra salamandra


Agile frog

Scientific Name:Rana dalmatina

Italian stream frog

Scientific Name:Rana italica

Quick Facts:

  • The Italian stream frog is also known as "ground frog" as they commonly hibernate underneath tree roots.
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While the diversity of the villages, attractions, forests, and mountains may surprise you, their close proximity allows visitors to see a little bit of everything in a short amount of time.
The more you see, the more you can appreciate the entire region. Explore the mosaic of places, people and experiences which make up the Park!