International Architecture Workshop - 8° Edition

From June 30 th to July 6th 2024 - Casarola, Monchio delle Corti, Parma



The Poet's House - Designing the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of Attilio Bertolucci's Casarola

Director: Vittorio Uccelli
Professor responsible: Angelo Lorenzi, Carlo Peraboni, Vittorio Uccelli
Coordinator: Simone Cagozzi

Visiting critics
Atelier assistants
Places available:
Subscription fee:
€ 250,00

Info: - 335/7401129; - 348/7034242

The Poet's House International Architecture Workshop, will be held in Casarola, Monchio delle Corti (PR) during the week from June 30 th to July 6th 2024. The village of Casarola is known as the place of choice for poet Attilio Bertolucci and his children, Bernardo and Giuseppe Berlolucci. Attilio's seventeenth century home is located in the upper part of the village, where he had long periods of inspiration until the last years of his life.

The Architecture Workshop, The Poet's House, offers all participants an intense experience of planning in a significant cultural context, landscape and environment.  The seminar will allow students to meet internationally renowned architects, to work closely with a number of visiting critics, and to be assisted by architects functioning as tutors.

The Workshop fees (€ 250,00) include, in addition to studio work and all the necessary materials, accommodation for the entire week in Monchio delle Corti, all lunches - as scheduled - in the cultural centre "le Ciliegie" in Casarola, convivial evenings and any related initiatives (screenings, poetry readings, guided tours, etc.).
The Architectural Workshop in Casarola is part of the evolutionary process and planning of the territory between the area of the county of Monchio, the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Western Emilia Macro Area.
The activities of the week will include the development of topics solicited from real issues. The projects developed during the workshop will provide a better understanding of the organization of these places and will ensure, through a wide-ranging debate, the evolution of the planning concept of the villages, the land and the mountain environment in a broad sense.

These projects will be used to verify the original planning process, and help to contribute ideas and experimentation. The conclusion of the seminar will be an evaluation of the projects completed by the participants, teachers, tutors, and representatives of local authorities, in a public review and discussion of results.
An exhibition of the results of the Architectural Workshop The Poet's House will be held at the headquarters of Mantova - Politecnico di Milano.

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